Florida’s Open Carry Bill Moves One Step Closer

Gun control has been a hot topic throughout the country due to the recent shootings in Texas and other states throughout the country.  There has been considerable debate as to whether federal and state governments should take additional gun control measures, leading to strong opinions among those who feel their second amendment rights may be […]

Understanding the Independent Act Doctrine

Not many people may be aware that in the state of Florida, co-defendants are nearly as much at risk of being arrested, charged, or convicted for whatever actions taken by their cohorts.  This applies even if the co-defendant did not commit the crime but did have knowledge of the elements of the criminal enterprise.  What […]

Estate Planning Taxes and Probate

A lot of discussion has revolved around estate taxes, to the point that many people believe them to be the most important factor when considering and developing an estate plan. Yet, if we take a look at current tax law, the federal estate tax exemption for U.S. citizens and residents is $5.43 million for individuals […]

Estate Planning Tips

When it comes time for retirement, there are several legal issues that need to be considered. These can include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, asset protection, the cost of long-term care and estate planning. If you’ve managed to plan well for your financial future, addressing these issues now will allow you to enjoy […]

Florida’s strict DUI protocols leave much to interpretation

Major changes in litigation, along with adjustments in the handling of driving under the influence convictions has made Florida one of the toughest states on DUI cases. It is one of the only charges where adjudication cannot be withheld, a legal maneuver that is often seen as a reasonable resolution to criminal offenses, including drug […]