Dubious Wills Cause Major Problems

A wife set to receive a probate allowance found herself receiving less than what she was entitled to when her husband decided to flee to Florida, declared bankruptcy and then passed away under unusual circumstances.  The case became further complicated when it was revealed that the husband’s series of wills were in fact dubious.  Because […]

Estate Planning Myths

When dealing with estate planning, the topic tends to be relegated to older individuals that wish to determine how their assets will be distributed upon their death.  While this is one aspect of estate planning, it is also one of the myths attached.  Let’s take a look at some of the other myths that should […]

Estate Planning for Single Individuals

When it comes to estate planning, many people believe it’s meant for married couples, yet it’s just as imperative that single individuals take the time to plan for their estate.  The issues that single individuals will deal with differ from a married couple, but it is no less important to take some time and  get […]