Having No Health Insurance Will Cost You

Did you sign up for a health plan last year under the Affordable Care Act to receive coverage starting on January 1st?  If you missed out, you will likely be facing higher fines this time around as officials boost efforts to sway more people to sign up. For example, a family of four with an […]

Managing Your Lottery Winnings

Were you one of the three lucky ticket holders that won the massive Powerball drawing this week? Unless you live in the town of Melbourne Beach where one of the winning tickets was sold, you probably missed out.  Although the drawing is over, the Powerball isn’t going anywhere and there are other Florida lotteries going […]

Health Subsidies and Your Taxes

For millions of Americans, the time has come to renew their health insurance through the marketplace.  Though considerable efforts have been made to make the process as seamless as possible, there are always unusual circumstances that lead to questions. For example, what happens if a person in their sixties reports their income as $22,000 a […]