Dubious Wills Cause Major Problems

A wife set to receive a probate allowance found herself receiving less than what she was entitled to when her husband decided to flee to Florida, declared bankruptcy and then passed away under unusual circumstances.  The case became further complicated when it was revealed that the husband’s series of wills were in fact dubious.  Because […]

Dealing with the Florida Guardianship Program

Many children want to take care of their parents when they get older, especially if they become ill with a disease like Alzheimer’s or dementia that begins to rob them of their ability to make decisions about their financial future or long term well-being.  Last month, a man ran into this situation where he and […]

Florida Woman Alleges Will Defraudment

A will can be an extremely contentious issue among family, and now a Florida woman named Rose T. James is suing her family and the solicitor, claiming that her sibling Marie Britton defrauded her in not one, but two wills. James believes there was alleged forgery involved in the wills of James’ mother and aunt […]