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Addressing the Problem of Witness Intimidation

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Witness testimony plays a pivotal role in criminal trials, so it is little wonder why those with a vested interest in the outcome go to great lengths to sway witnesses to act in their favor. Witnesses not only face threats and coercion by criminals, but more often than not must contend with such heinous behavior from prosecutors themselves.

Unlikely the federal government, most states do not offer comprehensive witness protection programs, and of the relative few that do, funding and assistance is sparse. Such apathy from state judicial systems is not surprising when one realizes that these institutions are often complicit to intimidation by their own officials.

Indeed, prosecutorial abuse and intimidation is arguably just as common as witness tampering by individuals on the side of the Defendant, and in many ways can be far worse. In most states, prosecutors enjoy considerable discretion to use their powers as they see fit. They also benefit from almost total freedom from liability, which makes them more apt to behave without accountability when it comes to the treatment of witnesses.

Perhaps more insidious is the perception of prosecutors within popular culture shaped by decades of media; that those on the side of the law are always well-intentioned and infallible. However the reality is prosecutors are just as likely to engage in ethical misconduct as anyone else, and often manifests through the mistreatment of witnesses, defendants, and other marginalized groups.

Issues like this are why Adam Brofsky offers his services as a leading Criminal Law Attorney Miami. A founding partner of The Bauer Brofsky Law Firm, P.A., among the leading South Florida Law Firms, Adam Brofsky specializes on a broad range of legal matters related to criminal defense, personal injury, and juvenile dependency. With his meticulous attention to detail and steadfast commitment to each client, he has successfully defended and protected the rights of numerous individuals across Florida.

By providing exceptional one-on-one attention to every client, especially during these most difficult circumstances, an experienced attorney like Mr. Brofsky provides invaluable guidance and direction in times of great needs. Know your rights. Do not let the system victimize you. Contact us at (305) 712-7979 or

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