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Television and film frequently portray state prosecutors as heroic and incorruptible figures dedicated to truth, justice, and the law. But not all investigators and prosecutors live up to this widespread and culturally accepted narrative: in fact, far too often, assistant state attorneys engage in outright abusive behavior towards the victims and witnesses they are alleged to be helping.

These actions run the gamut from threats and badgering, to outright intimidation towards those not wishing to prosecute. The methods are downright criminal, reminiscent in what one would expect from a mafia organization. By some accounts, prosecutors have resorted to calling witnesses on their personal phone numbers to cajole them into cooperating against their will.

It goes without saying that in the United States, such blatant crime victimization is an affront to the criminal justice system. Setting aside the sheer indecency of violating someone’s autonomy – especially when they are already being victimized by a crime – these actions deprive victims of a chance to restore their lives after a difficult period.

Although victims’ certainly have established rights within the U.S. criminal justice system, far too often victims are unaware of this, and the enforcement of said rights is not always consistent. It is in these circumstances that an experienced Criminal Law Attorney Miami like Adam Brofsky is indispensable.

A founding partner of The Bauer Brofsky Law Firm, P.A., among the leading South Florida Law Firms, Adam Brofsky focuses on criminal defense, personal injury, and juvenile dependency, successfully defending and protecting the rights of clients throughout the State of Florida. Mr. Brofsky handles each and every case with a meticulous attention to detail and the utmost dedication to his clients.

By providing exceptional one-on-one attention to every client, especially during these most difficult circumstances, an experienced attorney like Mr. Brofsky provides invaluable guidance and direction in times of great needs. Know your rights. Do not let the system victimize you. Contact us at (305) 712-7979 or

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