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Estate Planning Tips

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When it comes time for retirement, there are several legal issues that need to be considered. These canestate-planning include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, asset protection, the cost of long-term care and estate planning. If you’ve managed to plan well for your financial future, addressing these issues now will allow you to enjoy the experiences of your golden years, like going on trips and spending time with the grandchildren. These legal issues should be addressed sooner so that you are allowed the opportunity to retire the way you would like to.

Estate planning involves a meticulous set of laws and rules that must be followed. This area of law is generally too complex for the average layman, which is why it’s essential that you seek out the services of a South Florida lawyer that understands the minutiae of estate planning and can help you create a tailored made plan that makes the complexities much easier to comprehend.

Even if you don’t consider your estate large enough to need estate planning, it’s still imperative that you devise a plan so that not only are your medical and financial goals achieved, but also so that your family will have clearly defined guidelines on the best way to provide care for you once it’s time to experience your golden years. Regardless of what is needed in your estate plan, make sure it includes at a minimum, a financial power of attorney, a medical power of attorney, a will or trust, and an advance medical directive.

These estate planning tips are brought to you by Bauer Brofsky Law Firm. Our areas of practice include estate planning, criminal law, tax planning, personal injury and real estate law. Call 305-712-7979 for a free case evaluation or for any questions you may have.

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