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Estate Planning: Preparing to meet with an Attorney.

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Getting the help of a lawyer can be an easy way to do estate planning. However, hiring a professional attorney can be costly. Most attorneys charge you per hour for their estate planning services. Therefore a certain level of preparation is necessary when dealing with an estate planning attorney. Such information below can be prepared first before calling an attorney, thus saving you unnecessary time, energy and money.

Such information includes:

•    The names, addresses and birth dates of all people you want to be mentioned in your will, whether they are related to you or not;

•    The names, addresses and birth dates of any guardian that you choose for your minor children;

•    All income streams from whatever source, including occupation, investments, etc.

•    Any Debts, mortgages, or loans should also be clearly presented in detail;

•    A list of any real property owned by you directly or jointly owned by you and another person/entity. Also, provide names and addresses of those individuals/entities;

•    A list of any other valuable property owned by you directly or jointly. Such items include stock, jewelry, antiques, etc. Also, provide names and addresses of anyone who owns such jointly held property;

•    A list of all possible beneficiaries, including their names, addresses, and birth dates, of any individual who you wish to inherit specific items from your estate.


The above list of information can be prepared by you even before you hire a lawyer in order to save valuable time as well as money. Either way, this information will be necessary for the attorney to design a well-tailored estate plan for your personal needs. If you have questions about your last will and testament or need an attorney to discuss a probate issue, please call my office at (305) 712-7979.


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