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New Florida Prostitution Law Rife With Problems

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Any decent person would agree that combating human trafficking is a great thing. So when the Florida Legislature’s “Anti Human Trafficking” bill becomes law this October, it should be a cause for celebration. But far from promoting the admirable goal of reducing human trafficking, the law increases the penalties of prostitution, and in a manner far harsher and more convoluted than warranted.

Now, a first-time client of a prostitute – aka a “John” – will be charged with a first degree misdemeanor instead of the previous second degree. With a second offense becoming a 3rd degree felony.

This is all the more jarring consider the high incidence of entrapment, whereby an undercover law enforcement officer poses as a prostitute and induces a potential John to solicit service when the target otherwise would not. Though officially discouraged, if not outright prohibited, among most jurisdictions, in nonetheless is frighteningly common – and is likely to be more so given the stakes.

Moreover, the bill allows for the victim – i.e., the prostitute – to petition the court to expunge their criminal history related to human trafficking. This process incredulous suggests that all prostitutes are intrinsically victims of human trafficking, rather than willing participants in the trade; whatever you think about the practice, targeting first-time clients while overlooking actual human traffickers and pimps is not the most effective way to reduce the very serious problem of human trafficking.

In fact, it might very well make the problem worse: with prostitutes able to clean their slates and continue their line of work, more and more people will partake in the activity – or be forced to by pimps and traffickers with less to lose. The growing prostitution industry will bring in more “Johns”, and raise more opportunities for entrapment. Law enforcement officials and politicians will point to these jailed Johns as signs of success, when in reality the heinous crime of human trafficking is scarcely affected and lots of people are unfairly disenfranchised.

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